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Fan Fiction

Lady and the Tramp Part one

Lady and the Tramp

Shannon was watching tv on News Years and she could not believe her eyes about what she saw and it was so bad she threw up so anyways she had to calm her self down for while she got on line asking people what the hell is wrong with Nick I mean hes with her no way but it was truce anyways then she saw a picture on tv of her kissing another guy at some news years party and she went to so Shannon got in to her car and went down there and looked for her and she found her and confronted her face to face and she admitted to her that she was cheating on him she thought you better tell him the truth and now . She had this look on her face like no way you know I said yes tell the truth now . Shannon went to him her self and spilled the beans and he was pissed he goes are you sure I said yes I m . Then I thought why me you know I felt like I was going to die right there and then it was so upsetting to me that I wanted to kill my self for that I cant do that its not worth it and time maybe it is I dont know what to do about it last Thursday she cried her heart out she felt like he didnt want to see him get hurt again oh well thats life that was his problem . All things add up and the pictures and the all the achention that she was getting for her self and him to that was so stupid. The thing of it is that I cant stand either one of them I had to figure out how to get this stuff off my chest so I wrote an e-mail to him I wrote that I didnt agree with the realtionship and I dont like her and I told him about the pictures and everythinge well that opened up a can of worms oh well I didnt care about that and I knew the truth about everything and he had to know what was going on so I had to say it and so the nest day the phone rang it was him he goes what the hell did you do or say I said nothing to him so I kepted my mouth shut for a while . Then I lefted him alone for while then he calm down and I said that I didnt want to talk to him anymore so I just put the phone down and didnt talk to him . I was thinking I knew that this wasnt going to last long at all its taking its time to let it go and move on with my life I couldnt do that it was my job to not to talk to the media or listen to them and or what people say about them anymore and I just couldnt handle it cause it was like why me you know I wish I was dead and never hear anymore I pray to god every day that it will end soon .


Chapter 2 Love letters

Shannon sat down and wrote a steaming love letter she wrote how she wants him she thinks of sexual thoughts that are so hott she had dream that she was in a room full of lite candles and as she and Howie layed there and went to sleep.

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